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Pong 3 is the third game by Hub Studios. It was released in May, 2018

Pong 2 2018-05-22 19-06-21

Gameplay Edit

It is a gigantic improvement over Pong 2, it actually has more than 1 option including Hardcore Mode which is back from Deep Space Invaders! Speaking of DSI the design has been changed from very blocky and weird looking to Material. The game is actually very fun, of course, it's still basic Pong at heart, but when accounting for all of the new features, it's a completely different game! a quick list of all the modes would be Horizontal Mode, Vertical Mode, Dark Mode, Light Mode, Normal Mode, and the previously mentioned Hardcore Mode

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 3rd game (not counting the canceled games) made and published by Hub Studios
  • 2 people worked on it, Juicy, and Hubz
  • This is the first game by Hub Studios that used the Material design
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